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A Message from David Pearre II, General Agent


We live in an increasingly complex world. The financial climate is constantly changing and the economy has become less predictable than in the past. Today, even global economic pressures can have an effect on your plans for the future.
While the average consumer is more sophisticated financially than ever before, it’s easy to become confused. How do you decide between the conflicting opinions in articles and advertising and what’s suitable for you? How can one person learn enough to know what’s best? Who has the time, given our fast-paced lifestyles? We’re too busy earning a living to become financial professionals and often too busy to implement and stick to a strategy.
You need someone you can trust who is knowledgeable and who listens. Someone who understands you, your family, your business and your goals for the future...someone who does the research and analysis for you, presents you with solid ideas and strategies so you can make intelligent decisions for your long-range financial security. Also, you want someone who will keep you informed of changing trends and the latest products as they relate to your situation.
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